Monday, November 14, 2022


Horror movies are not for everyone. Not everybody likes to watch a movie with blood and guts, scary guys, creatures from the deep, or the terrifying strange and unusual. The genre has a way of segregating movie fans, but at the same time has produced some of the greatest films of all time, such as JAWS, HALLOWEEN, and THE EXORCIST…to name just a few. But even if only two out of ten people love the horror, the genre has built more than a legion of fans to earn its own place on the convention circuit, and this past weekend (November 11-13), this Blogger was pleased to attend Monster-Mania Con; the semi-annual Philadelphia Horror Film & Memorabilia Convention. 


Officially labeled as Monster-Mania 52 (their 52nd convention, as they host this event across other venues across the east coast), the convention was a showcase for all things creepy and kooky. The vendor floor was packed with vendors selling their scary goods; from good old fashioned masks, autographed memorabilia, comics, action figures, to home-made items ranging from art-prints, clothing, glassware, candles, and even food items like horror-themed hot sauces. Not unlike SPACEBALLS, there was an item for every major scary movie. There was HALLOWEEN the Wine Glass, JAWS the Action Figures, BETELGEUSE the knee-socks, and HELLRAISER the T-Shirt…just to name a few. Also on hand for purchase were vintage horror action figures going back to the seventies, along with the modern Lego’s and Funko’s. 


The biggest draw of the event was the guest list. Leading the way was Robert Englund, who originated the role of Freddy Krueger in the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series. Englund was joined by co-star Heather Langenkamp, along with several cast members from the third entry in the franchise, DREAM WARRIORS. Other guests included Corey Taylor from horror-rock group Slipknot, David Morrissey from TV’S THE WALKING DEAD, along with cast-members from MONSTER SQUAD and TERRIFIER. 


This Blogger took advantage of the guest list to meet three icons from horror. The first was Tyler Mane. Mane is most famous for playing Sabertooth in X-MEN, and also donned the mask of Michael Myers in Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN from 2007. Mane was a cool cat, and comes off as one of those guys you just want to have a beer with and chat movies. 


Next up was the delightful Danielle Harris. Harris earned her reputation as one of the best child actors ever after her role in HALLOWEEN 4 and again in HALLOWEEN 5. She played a different character in Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, and has also appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s ONCE UPON A TIME IN HOLLYWOOD. She is also the co-host of the Talk Scary to Me podcast (with her HALLOWEEN co-star Scout Taylor-Compton). Harris was also very cool, and despite the long lines behind us, took all the time in the world to chat. 


Last but certainly not least was Susan Backlinie, who famously played Chrissie, the very first victim in Steven Spielberg’s JAWS. As the very first swimmer to meet the shark, it was Backlinie’ horrific screams that scared audiences out of the water for decades. Backlinie was also a delight, and also made sure you felt welcome. 


Despite the horror theme, Monster-Mania still worked as a family event. While there were not many kids being towed around, there was nothing about the event that would earn an R-rating. Everything for big-screen horror was there; from Freddy to Michael to Gomez & Morticia. It was scary, but fun…and offered something for everyone.

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