Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Reel Facts & Opinions: All you need to know about THE COUNSELOR

This week, one of the most highly anticipated films of the year rolls into theatres in the form of THE COUNSELOR. Here is everything you need to know…
Who is directing – THE COUNSELOR is directed by Sir Ridley Scott (GLADIATOR, ALIEN, BLADE RUNNER). The film is dedicated to Scott’s brother Tony Scott, who had taken his own life during production.

Who stars – The lead role is held down by the much-wanted, highly-praised actor Michael Fassbender (SHAME, PROMETHEUS, X-MEN FIRST CLASS). He is joined by Oscar-winner Javier Bardem (NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN), and a host of familiar faces belonging to Brad Pitt, Penelope Cruz, and Cameron Diaz.
What’s it all about – The film is about a greedy lawyer (Fassbender), known only as The Counselor (duh), who gets into deep shit when he enters the world of drug trafficking.

Is there a hook – The screenplay for THE COUNSELOR is written by Pulitzer-prize winning author Cormac McCarthy. This is the first time McCarthy has penned a screenplay, although the film adaptations of his novels have been met with praise in the past; NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN won Best Picture in 2007, and THE ROAD (2009) was met with mostly positive reviews.
What to look forward to – This is Sir Ridley Scott’s first trip back on Earth since his clunky and dumbass PROMETHEUS film in 2012. Perhaps looking for redemption, he has assembled a great team around him. McCarthy’s writing has always been strong in one form or another, and the actors involved are all upper-echelon talent. There are a great number of great pieces and parts in THE COUNSELOR, which justifies the high anticipation.

THE COUNSELOR opens wide October 25th.

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