Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Reel Facts & Opinions: The Pennsylvania Film School

This week, Northeastern Pennsylvania took a major step towards the glitz and glam of Hollywood when the curtain was raised on the Pennsylvania Film School in Scranton, PA.
The PA Film School will begin classes/lectures in late April and will last two weeks, offering insight and guidance to students on how to build a movie from the script up. Offering insight from personal experience from people who have worked in the industry, the seminars and workshops will focus on the creative and commercial aspects of filmmaking, along with the nuts-and-bolts of putting a movie together.

The classes will break down as follows:
Day One (April 23rd), Above the Line: Writing, Directing and Producing
Day Two (April 25th) Below the Line: Camera, Lighting and Sound
Day Three (April 30th) The Look and Aftermath: Design and Post-Production
Day Four (May 2nd) Show Business: Financing, Legal, Sales and Distribution

The school looks to provide the technical knowledge and a breakdown of how to bring a movie from an idea to reality.

Speaking from experience, making a movie is difficult work; a herculean task that so few filmmakers are able to pull off on the independent level. Areas such as Scranton PA, which is so far away from Hollywood it may as well be on Mars, can benefit from schools like this because it opens up possibilities that otherwise wouldn’t be there. Without the help of big-studios out here on the East Coast, young filmmakers can only develop their films independently, and independent filmmaking can often top the doings of the big-nuts, studio-backed West Coasters. Throughout history, independent films have made their impact; indie films such as RESERVOIR DOGS, DONNIE DARKO, THE TERMINATOR, EVIL DEAD, and MEMENTO (to name a few) have made history and changed the industry forever. It all starts locally, and it all starts with an idea.

For course outlines and other info, visit HERE

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