Monday, April 8, 2013


Twenty years ago this June (Yes, it’s been twenty years. Face it, you’re old), Steven Spielberg’s JURASSIC PARK stomped its way into an unsuspecting and unprepared world; utilizing brand new visual-effects technology (called CGI), which quickly ushered in a new era of filmmaking. Here in 2013, the film once again takes advantage of new movie-tech, this time in the form of 3D.
Successful films converted to 3D only work if the film is shot right in the first place. 3D is not all about the things that fly out at you (although that’s fun too); what really makes it work is depth, and since all filmmakers should be shooting for depth-of-field in the first place, the added third-dimension should enhance that depth and create an immersive experience. With that said, it is fair to say that JURASSIC PARK was masterfully put together way back in 1993. The 3D conversion literally drops you in the middle of the action and the quiet moments. It doesn’t matter of you are looking at a herd of graceful dinosaurs or staring down a hungry T-Rex, you are in the thick of it all and getting caught up in every moment. Even the intimate scenes inside vehicles or an ice-cream table have a surprising depth to them. The 3D picture still has muted colors, however night-time scenes don’t suffer and things are still visible. Clearly the 3D tech still has a ways to go before it can show us a film’s natural vibrant colors, but oddly enough, after a while you do get used to it.

As we all know, the way a movie sounds is just as important, if not more important than the way a movie looks. If you’ve seen JURASSIC PARK on the big screen before, that’s great. But it is a fact to say that you have never heard the film like this. The re-mastered digital soundtrack will absolutely have you holding on your butt and the butts sitting next to you. The squeals, yelps, shrieks, and songs of the dinosaurs are unbelievably crisp and clear, and the blood-curdling roar of the T-Rex is enough for anyone to empty their bowels. From impact-tremors to the buzzing of insects, JURASSIC PARK has never sounded better. On top of all that, John Williams’ magnificent music sounds incredible.
What all this adds up to is a wonderful experience at the theatre. The great moments in JURASSIC PARK, and there are many of them, are doubled if not tripled in their power. Adding to the fun is sharing JURASSIC PARK with others. Seeing it in the theatre makes for a unique communal experience; whether the theatre is packed with old(er) lovers of the film or newcomers who have never seen it on the big screen, the experience can and will bring laughs and a few yelps. This is an adventure 65 million-and-twenty-years in the making, and well worth taking.


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  1. I agree with you 110%. Loved it back in 1993 on the big screen, and I was floored by it on Friday in 3D!


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