Thursday, October 13, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions

FACT: A Detroit woman has filed a lawsuit against the distributors of DRIVE and her local theatre for using a “misleading trailer” to get her to see the film. The woman expected DRIVE to be more of a FAST AND THE FURIOUS type-film, rather than an art house style with minimal driving and car chases.

OPINION: Hopefully, this woman never saw the trailer to INGLORIOUS BASTERDS, which was marketed heavily as a shoot-em up war movie and turned out to be a prodding character drama. But back to business…what this woman, and the litigators are likely to reveal is that ALL movie trailers are out to deceive people; they are out to make people think that their movie is good and worth seeing. A good trailer should be able to get people out to see anything, no matter how awful the actual movie may be. Just look at the fantastic trailers we got for WOLVERINE and THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL, and how poor both films wound up; it’s something that’s been going on in movie history for a hundred years, and will likely go for another hundred. Hopefully this suit will get thrown out.

What say you?

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