Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions

FACT: Director JJ Abrams has finally committed to directing the sequel to his 2009 STAR TREK reboot/prequel. The script is expected to be completed this month, with shooting commencing in this winter. Pre-production is already underway. A release date of December 2012 or summer 2013 is expected.

OPINION: It’s about damn time. It’s always been assumed that Abrams would return, but he’s been coy about it and never verbally committed. If the 2012/13 date holds up, that would make it a full three years since the first film; not a good way to build momentum for a franchise, even if TREK has a built-in fanbase. This blogger would have gladly accepted Abrams ditching SUPER 8 this year for a jump-start on TREK 2, but the notion of this sequel arriving in December with THE HOBBIT on its heels is pretty exciting.

FACT: Tony Scott’s 1986 classic TOP GUN is being converted to (goddamn) 3D for a theatrical release in 2012, pending Scott’s approval.

OPINION: Just when we thought the GD 3D thing was about to roll over and die an un-merciful death, this happens. Lately, audiences have been opting for the 2D versions of films, and even Lucasfilm has reeled back its plans for releasing the entire trilogy with the added third dimension. Outside of that, TOP GUN seems like it would be well-fitted for the format in the aerial dogfight scenes, but just like any other film, would fall flat in any other scene that has people in a room (intimacy kills all 3D). Good 3D is all about depth, and only about half of TOP GUN would work. At least Scott has veto power.

FACT: The summer movie season (running from the first week of May to Labor Day) of 2011 has been projected to total $4.38 billion, an increase of 1% from last year. Audience numbers sits at 543 million, the lowest since 1997.

OPINION: So if attendance was down, where did the increase come from? Blame (goddamn) 3D. In 2010, seven films were released in the cursed format, in 2011 there were 18. The increase in overall revenue points toward the jacked-up GD 3D ticket prices, but the lower attendance numbers point towards people not showing up, so who the hell knows. This blogger has a simple solution: Make better movies and crucify the third dimension.

What say you?

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