Thursday, August 18, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions

FACT: Ridley Scott will be producing and directing a new installment set in his BLADE RUNNER universe.

OPINION: While it is still unclear if this new BLADE RUNNER will be a sequel, prequel, or reboot, fans of the original film have already been in an uproar; with reactions like “NOOO” or “why mess with a good thing”. This blogger honestly doesn’t get the negative reaction. If another BLADE RUNNER film has to be made, then who else but the original creator would you want at the helm? Only Ridley knows what directions the story can, and should go. Only he knows what parts of that original world needs to be explored; what curtains could be drawn back. The possibilities of that world are endless, and only Ridley knows them. Now it’s fair to say that Ridley hasn’t been too magnificent in recent years, but as a good friend of REEL SPEAK likes to say; a mediocre Ridley is still better than the rest of the world.

FACT: Warner Bros., along with Robert Downey Jr., are teaming up to bring the story of the USS Indianapolis to the big screen. The film will follow the efforts of Hunter Scott, a student who in 1996 managed to exonerate the captain of the doomed ship, who was unjustly court-martialed and blamed for the sinking of the ship and the loss of over a hundred sailors.

OPINION: The story of the Indianapolis first captured the imagination of moviegoers in Steven Spielberg’s JAWS; told through the eyes of famed character Quint. To finally see the horror of what those sailors went through on the big screen is really exciting, even if it would (presumably) be told in flashbacks. It is this bloggers’ hope that they bring things full-circle, and include a character named Quint ;)

What say you?

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