Thursday, April 28, 2011


FACT: Arnold Schwarzenegger and his reps are currently shopping around a package which includes the rights to create a new TERMINATOR sequel. Rights to the sci-fi franchise, which has spawned three (3) feature films and a (unfortunate) short-lived TV series, will revert to James Cameron in 2018.

OPINION: Ah-nold is already linked to two (2) other films in development, so one has to hope that scheduling and money-wrangling will delay a possible T5 until Cameron can get his mitts back on it. Let’s face it; T3 served no other purpose than to set up the future-war films, and T4, while having a great look and style, frustrated fans with a convoluted plot and a departure from many, many preconceptions. It is this blogger’s hope that Cameron, if he gets the property back, decides to sit on the thing and let it die in peace.

And that would free-up Ah-nold to do the long-awaited KING CONAN. Say with a straight face you don’t want it.

FACT: Gary Busey has joined the cast of the upcoming PIRANHA 3DD.

OPINION: Anyone remember when Gary Busey was an Oscar nominee? Anyone remember when (goddamn) 3D was cool? Start punching yourself in the face if this film will make you fork over the extra $$$ for those stupidassed dark glasses.

What say you?

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