Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions

FACT: The extended editions of THE LORD OF THE RINGS movie trilogy will be released in AMC theatres in June, Warner Bros. announced this week. THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING will hit June 14th, THE TWO TOWERS on June 21st, and THE RETURN OF THE KING will unspool on June 28th. The releases are happening to help promote the long-awaited blu-ray release in June.

OPINION: Since 2004, this blogger has faithfully viewed LOTR once a year, in December only (the original runs were in December). It has been a way to keep the memories alive of the fun had from 2001-2003; going to the theatre with the same group (fellowship) of people year after year. Watching the films at any other time of the year just didn’t seem right. This blogger is now forced to change his tradition; some films are just made to be watched on the big-screen, and no amount of glorious blu-ray will ever change that.

FACT: Speaking of hobbits, Peter Jackson has confirmed that Ian Holm will reprise his role as Bilbo Baggins in THE HOBBIT. As previously reported, Elijah Wood is also returning; playing Frodo Baggins in two sequences that bookend THE HOBBIT.

OPINION: Chances are Ian will appear in both of those sequences with Wood. It seems there are going to be a ton of winks and nods to the LOTR films. As stated on this blog before, it’s an important thing to do; connect the films and give the fans the consistent world/universe that they will demand. One has to hope that there will not be an overabundance of winks and nods that could derail THE HOBBIT’s narrative. In PJ we trust, however; the guy knows Middle-Earth better than anyone.

FACT: Several websites are reporting that there will not be a SCREAM 5, as the poor performance of SCREAM 4 in the box office and among critics has nixed any chance of a second trilogy.

OPINION: Told ya.

What say you?

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