Monday, April 18, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions: Why Scream 4 flopped

FACT: The 4th installment in the SCREAM franchise opened this weekend, taking in a paltry $19 million at the Box Office along with mixed to dismal reviews. The slash-and-stab flick got its ass handed to it by the first place winner, RIO; a family-oriented CG animated film featuring talking birds. The opening is the second-lowest for a SCREAM film.

OPINION: The SCREAM franchise was a unique series of films in its day; they were self-aware movies, not meant to be taken seriously as a straight-up horror franchise, but rather blazing a new trail on its own. It made fun of itself without really spoofing. They were directed by the master of all horror Wes Craven, and drew in truckloads of money at the gates. So why did Part 4 flop?

1. The RIO Factor: Let’s give RIO some credit. The film proved that the movie-going world loves a talking animal. But the fingers can still be pointed at the lack of interest in another SCREAM movie. RIO was not an established franchise with a built-in fanbase, it was not made by Pixar or Disney, and it features actors that most movie-goers would not recognize in two seconds. Somehow, SCREAM got creamed by a rookie. On to Factor 2:

2. The Nobody Asked For This Factor: It’s been ten (10) years since the last SCREAM film, which wrapped things up neatly and ended the trilogy. For the most part, fans walked away satisfied. SCREAM 4 was looking to kick-off a second trilogy, providing it made back its money (it cost $40 million to make, so good luck). What it comes down to is fans just don’t like it when their beloved films get milked for all they are worth and then some. They DO NOT like their movies/franchises messed with. No one wanted a 4th INDIANA JONES film, and no one wanted a 3rd GODFATHER film; sometimes it’s better off letting the prize pony out to pasture instead of trying to win one last race. Clearly, not even the built-in fanbase of SCREAM bothered to show up for this.

3. The Timing Factor: It’s difficult for people to get in the mood for horror in the springtime; the gloomy winter is over, and people just want to think about brighter, sunnier things (such as colorful films like RIO). Now the previous SCREAM films were also released early in the year, but it seems the movie-going public has latched on to a desire to see horror in October, where it belongs. Shame on the SCREAM 4 producers for not doing their homework and realizing that. With no SAW film this year, what were they afraid of? They deserve what they got.

All this adds up to no one showing up. Again, with only $19m made, and an obvious drop-off in the coming weeks, it will be hard-pressed to pass $40m. That makes the 4th installment a sad and unjust end to what was once a fun and unique series of movies.

What say you?


  1. The only good Scream was the first one... Not even the whole movie, just the opening scene with Drew Barrymore. They got progressively worse with each sequel. The 4th one never should have been made. It was worse than all the previous ones.

  2. that's the biggest bull shit I heard^^ 4th is better then 2 and 3! 3 sucked and 2 was way to long


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