Friday, March 20, 2015

A Reel 120: The Motion Picture

This month marks what is widely regarded as the 120th anniversary of the filming of the first motion picture in history. 

In late March of 1895, two brothers in France; Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas and Louis Jean filmed 17 meters, or 50 seconds of moving pictures in what would be entitled WORKERS LEAVING THE LUMIERE FACTORY. The film, which had a single scene of workers leaving a factory, didn’t have much of a script, storyline, or cast…but that one shot would prove to be a shot heard around the world. That very humble beginning would change the art of storytelling forever. 

Ever since the dawn of man, when images were scratched onto the walls of caves, the world had been telling stories and searching for better ways to tell them. Even though being told a story enabled us to use our imaginations to provide the visuals, the motion picture was still equally effective; conveying ideas, characters, and stories in a new way that would inspire generation upon generation. Those 50 short seconds would go on to create a zillion-dollar industry while permeating the dreams and sub-conscious of every willing person in the world. 120 years after those workers walked out of a factory in France, everyone now has a favorite movie, character, story, filmmaker, and actor. 

The art of filmmaking has been used to teach, inspire, thrill, educate, and illuminate. It is has been a reflection of life that we can relate to and learn from. This anniversary offers us a chance to celebrate those films and the people who make them that we love so much. The filmmakers; from Georges to Alfred to Stanley to Steven to George to Marty. The actors; from Jimmy to Katharine to Marlon to Cate to Daniel. And all those great stories that light up the famed silver screen; from the Moon to Rosebud to Lawrence to Godfathers to Jedi, and all the bonuses…from Williams to Oscar to Film 101-classes and endless debates. Motion pictures are a genuine art of self-expression which has endured 120 years of change…and will endure many more. 

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  1. What's really amazing is the fact someone hasn't done a remake of that first movie. But, then, it's early in the year yet!


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