Monday, December 16, 2013

Peter O'Toole 1932-2013

“I cannot fiddle but I can make a great state of a small city.”
Screen legend Peter O’Toole has passed away at the age of 81.

Peter O’Toole was already an accomplished star of the English stage when he burst onto the silver screen in David Lean’s LAWRENCE OF ARABIA in 1962. His piercing blue eyes, heartthrob looks, charming energy, and effortless acting made him an instant star. His work in ARABIA earned him his first Oscar nomination…the first of eight throughout his career.
O’Toole sadly never won an Oscar aside from an honorary one he received at the age of 70. His most recent and last nomination came in 2006 for his role in VENUS. He holds the record for the most nominations without a win, but does hold four Golden Globes, a BAFTA, and an Emmy. He received nominations for playing King Henry II twice; for BECKET in 1964 and THE LION IN WINTER in 1968. Other notable films include GOODBYE MR. CHIPS (1969), THE RULING CLASS (1972), STUNT MAN (1980), and MY FAVORITE YEAR (1982). In his later years he had a bit of fun appearing in the whimsical fairytale STARDUST (2007), and providing voicework for the animated Pixar film 

Peter O’Toole was not a direct influence on this Blogger as a wee-lad, as the man had already been around for a long time. However as time passed and a deeper appreciation for the world of film grew, the name Peter O’Toole always came up. Today, this Blogger considers LAWRENCE OF ARABIA to be one of, if not the greatest film ever made; it’s achievements as a film have yet to be matched today, and O’Toole’s acting has a lot to do with that. O’Toole made the movies what they are today, and perhaps there is no better way to sum it up than to quote the poster which hangs proudly in this Blogger’s dwelling:

“I deem him one of the greatest beings alive in our time. We shall never see his like again. His name will live in history. It will live in the annals of war…It will live in the legends of Arabia!”

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