Monday, March 12, 2012

Leonardo Cimino 1917 - 2012

“For Victory! Go tell your friends!”

Leonardo Cimino, veteran actor of the stage, TV, and the silver screen, has died at the age of 94.

Leonardo was probably best known for his role as “Scary German Guy” in the cult-classic MONSTER SQUAD (1987). Sci-fi fans likely relate to him as the Baron’s doctor in DUNE (1984), and the elder in WATERWORLD (1995) . He starred opposite Marlon Brando in THE FRESHMAN (1990), and also appeared in MOONSTRUCK (1987). He also had a fantastic TV career with notable appearances in LAW AND ORDER, ROUTE 66, and KOJAK.

And it was on the small screen where he likely made his lasting impression, with his role as Abraham Bernstein in the 1983 mini-series V. He was the one who helped ignite humanity’s fight for survival by teaching a child how to deface alien propaganda properly, and his “v for victory” line was the most memorable of the entire series.


The infamous line delivered by Leonardo in V is this Blogger’s fondest memory of the man; not only because of the line, but because of the dead-on seriousness and weight that he put into the delivery. He made a simple line better, and that was probably his greatest gift; everything he appeared in immediately got better, more interesting, and more awesome.

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