Thursday, July 7, 2011

Reel Facts & Opinions

FACT: Reuters is reporting that Johnny Depp is close to signing on for a fifth PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN film. Producer Jerry Bruckheimer has stated that he has no plans to proceed with the franchise without him.

OPINION: Depp is smart enough to know that Disney will throw assloads of money at him to keep the ship afloat, but is he smart enough to hold off on signing the dotted line before a director is hired? Rob Marshall made an absolute mess out of the fourth film and should not be allowed anywhere near anything that involves action faster than a drunken snail. Hopefully Depp will be savvy enough to know this.

FACT: More of a rumor here, but it’s worth mentioning that action star Jason Statham is reportedly being looked at as a potential leading man for a possible fourth TRANSFORMERS film. With both Michael Bay and Shia LaBeouf leaving the series, the films would most definitely take a different turn.

OPINION: PLEASE NO! This blogger has seen enough of Jason Statham; the man has made the shittiest films and his over-the-top action shtick is getting real old real fast. Let him make CRANK 3.

FACT: An official press photo has been released of three dwarves from THE HOBBIT; Ori (Jed Brophy), Nori (Adam Brown), and Dori (Mark Hadlow).


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